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I Found Serenity: A Firefly RPG

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Leaving [16 Nov 2005|01:30pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I finally figured I had everyone here that was coming. I hate this. My heart wanted to break right now. And, Mal didn't come. He knew what I was going to say, but so did Kaylee, and I at least glimpsed her at the door.

"Thanks for coming guys. I know this isn't exactly protocol, but I needed to tell you all something." I took a deep breath. Nine months, and these people were already family. The only way to really say it, was just to say it. And try to hide the pain, of leaving them, and of leaving Mal.

"I decided back at The Heart of Gold that it was time for me to move on. I'm going to spend some time at the chapter house on Persephone, learning new things, and then finding another place for my business. I want you all to know, it isn't personal. I'll miss you. I hope, many of you will keep in touch with me via wave and letters, if necessary." I looked at the floor for a moment, and nearly mumbled, but caught my diction instead "I know it may not seem like much, but I wanted you all to know. Thank you again for coming."

The tears were near the surface now. Made me want to run away, back to my shuttle (my, now that's funny). But they might have words they wanted to say, and I didn't want to get in their way. They desereved time on the floor too.

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It was time [06 Oct 2005|02:15pm]

I didn't want to do this, but it wouldn't be as hard as telling Kaylee was. I asked Zoe to make a ships' announcement, and for everyone to meet me in the lounge.

I didn't know if Mal would be there or not. And I wondered, why did I care so much? No, wait, I knew the answer to that. More like, why didn't he?

My heart was heavy. I knew I needed to head to Persephone and the sister house there. My heart wasn't in it, it'd always be here, on Serenity. As well, I needed some help packing. I hoped they'd all be safe. I hoped they'd want me to stay.

River and I get along well, and I'm going to miss her. I wonder if, after I'm gone, she'll even remember me?

Everyone who can leave their stations, Inara has something she'd like to talk to the crew about. Please meet her in the lounge in five minutes.

There, Zoe's last call.
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[05 Oct 2005|12:16am]

That’s right, just walk on away. I thought to myself as Inara walked away. Really wanted to say that one out loud but I didn’t. Not that I cared that she walked on away, she always did. But as I said it didn’t matter, not at all to me. I see how it is on this ship, I’m the damn captain here.

I just sigh and turn right around. No use getting into this any more. Sure, maybe I did think at one point there might have been something between the two of us. But she was a whore, nothing would come out of it. Wasn’t really up on her side of life. Anyways I had a ship to take care of. Far more important then any of this. Serenity is the only thing that’s ever really been there for me and ever will be. Sides Zoë that is. I know she’ll always stick right by my side.

All this commotion running up in my head because of Inara is starting to make me feel a bit sick. It’d be best if I take a rest. Not that times like these aren’t fun and interesting but I had a feeling things were go to be getting much more interesting soon. Everything with that Early fella, don‘t know who might be coming up on my ship next. Best for everyone if I was prepared next time. Not that little River wouldn’t be able to handle it again. Which I swear I’m going to get to the bottom of it with her.

What was with her anyways. Sure, she’s a bit crazy up in the head but she had some sort of power so to say. The things she did, hell the things she knew. Something ain’t right here. Not common for folk to know what’s up in someone’s brain.

I head towards the hatch that lead to my room. Best get some rest when I know nothings going about.

[ Open to anyone who may want to stop Mal before he goes down to his room]
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This couldn't be happening.. [28 Sep 2005|09:59pm]

No no no, this couldn't be happening. Inara was leaving. I couldn't believe it. I shook my head as I headed away from her down through the halls of Serenity. Then I stopped, just out of sight of her and leaned up against the wall. My hands went to my face and I felt a tear roll down my cheek. First the fight with Simon and now Inara is leaving? I couldn't believe it. Why did she have to leave?

I felt like I had to go up to the Captain and yell at him for making her go. But I didn't even know what was going on. It was all just too much for me to handle. Gotta keep my head.

I really wish she had just come straight out 'n told me what was going on. All of this cryptic stuff about life and the Captain and all that.. it just seemed weird. I wanted to know what was going on, but there was no way I was going to find out.

Inara was like a sister to me. Or a really close friend. And now she's leaving me. I couldn't help but feel betrayed. I didn't want to feel like that, but it was no use.

I leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor.

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He just pisses me off...and I hate good-byes [27 Sep 2005|11:29pm]

[ mood | sad ]

I couldn't stand it. He couldn't be civil even to say good-bye. If I didn't know better, I'd say that Malcom Reynolds had no heart to speak of. Or maybe I just think he does. Shaking, I stop aways from where we were talking, after I know he can no longer see me, and do as I was taught.

Deep breaths, and shut my eyes. Feel the pain and anger seeping down through me, down through the ship and off into space. She can take it, vast as she is. Finally, I am serene enough to open my eyes. I need to talk to Kaylee and the rest of the crew, and I just can not do it angry. After all, they don't deserve my anger, and it isn't in me to serve it to them. It just isn't done.

Holding the rail, I walk downstairs, looking first in the main deck for Kaylee. I'm lucky, still alone for a few more minutes. Tears form, and the whole world blurs. I can't do this my mind screams. This is home. These people are my family. And Mal...

Which is why I must leave. I don't want to, but it is best for the crew, best for Mal, and mostly best for me. I can't stand or sit here, and watch him time and again make fun of my life and livelyhood, put me down, and lust after other people. But I'll be damned if he ever finds that out.

Take a breath, I walk toward the common room next.

"Kaylee?" I called, before entering, the tears becoming a torrent which I couldn't pull back, even with all my training. I stood for a moment, letting them come, thinking about Kaylee, and everyone aboard Serenity.

Were I to have had a sister, Kaylee would be the one I'd choose. Tomboyish, in someways, and so full of light and laughter. When I'm with her, I almost forget my own heartache. It isn't just her. Wash, the funniest man I think I've ever known. Sometimes, I almost envy Zoe, to have found someone funny, and so devoted. They make a funny match, in person and on paper, but they seem to love each other so much, that they become the perfect couple right before ones eyes. Which in turn makes me think about Zoe. Strong, stoic, devoted to the Captain, and her husband, but in different ways. She's also devoted to the crew, and has a heart of gold, though I wouldn't bring it up. Sometimes though, I always know she'll know Mal better than I ever could. Then, just for a moment, I get green. It passes though, as they have no more passion together than your well brought up brother and sister. Shutting my eyes again for a moment, Simon and River flash through my mind. Brother and sister. Devotion so true, he "ruined" his life to save what is left of hers. He's smart, and talented. She's cute, in a childlike way. And perhaps a bit frightening, but a wonder none-the-less. Haven't known them as long as the others, except for the Shepard, whose been around just as long. He has secrets, but he believes in himself so fully, and yet can accept his mistakes without a blink, without a thought, and ask as well as give forgiveness. Forever when I meet a man of any god, it shall be Book that I think of.

Lastly, there is Jayne. He's...well...I guess I like Jayne.

"Kaylee, are you in here? I need to talk with you." I step into the room, and look around.

(open to Anyone but Mal that might be within hearing distance. Though Mal certainly can come in a bit later *grin*)

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simmer down now [12 Sep 2005|10:40am]

How long has it been since I had to do this?

I embarrassed myself with everyone thinking Mal and Zoe needed to...

What the hell is he thinking taking her on missions? Hoe-tze duh Pee-goo! That is going to stop.
Even though she is better at it than me. And she did come and get me. Looking all sultry with that big gun and determined eyes. And what a night after all that torture! I got soup! Well, something better than soup. I got some soup later after Zoe forced Jayne into making some. Protein soup.

Our once mundane ship is filled with turmoil now. Kaylee and Simon doing whatever it is they’re doing. Inara acting all irksome. The bug lodged in Mal’s rear keeps getting bigger. Jayne going all schizo. Ok, that’s normal for him. But all that crazy niou-se with River? That ain’t normal.

I think I deserve a change too. I think I am going to grow my mustache back, Zoe be damned. That, above everything else, will show her, nay, show them all, how manly I am!

Now if I can just finish doing these dishes before Zoe can see how bad a job I am doing...

(and edited for content!)
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[09 Sep 2005|03:33pm]

No one can just come up in my ship and try to take my crew away from me. Sure, at times I wasn’t too fond of River or her brother Simon but they were now part of my crew and ain’t nothing going to change that. River was a bit more tricky then I thought she was, makes me wonder what they actually did to the girl. She may be a mess and a bit unpredictable at times but that doesn’t mean she isn’t part of my crew, which means I ain’t giving her up that easily.

She had a good plan, that was up until her brother screwed it up a bit. Could’ve gotten himself killed but luckily he only got shot in the leg. With a man like Early I wouldn’t put it past him to shot someone in a worst spot.

Soon we’d be picking up another planet for some more work. Which would leave us dropping off Inara at one of them. The whore still wanted to leave, which I didn’t care. Fine, let her leave for all I cared because I didn’t care one bit at all. Not like she did anything for this ship and it’s crew. Wasn’t even part of the crew, just used the ship for her whoring around. I won’t miss her one bit at all.

Only thing that’s brothering my mind is the rest of them. She hasn’t the nerve to even tell them. Can’t just let them sit by like this, they need to know. Or maybe she is scared that they will convince her to stay. I don’t even think she wants to leave, that’s why she can’t tell anyone. Serenity has only been nothing but good to her.

I shake my head as I walk towards my room. Just thinking about the whole situation makes my stomach a bit sick. Sure, I didn’t care if she left but I knew it would hurt Kaylee. That was it, I didn’t want her to leave for Kaylee. So that’s what I’ll do, I’ll march on over to her shuttle and demand her to tell them all. I don’t want to see her but I had to, to straighten out this mess. I looked out for my crew and this was something they should know.

I turn right around and start to head towards Inara’s shuttle.

[Open to anyone who wants to bump into Mal. Inara? or anyone else.]
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Aftermath [07 Sep 2005|09:13am]

I seen an heard of a lotta horrible things in my years, 'specially since coming on board Serenity and travelling the 'Verse. But none nearly as terrifying as that Early guy. That Ching-wah TSAO duh liou mahng had tied me up, and threated to rape and kill me! I was alone and defenseless. Way more horrifying than the tons of times when someone's had a gun to my head. Least that way's quick.

Early. Name just didn't seem to suit him. Didn't sound mean enough. Not the name of a criminal. But I should push him away, out of my mind. Nothing happened. I'm okay. River saved us. River. I felt terrible now for ever thinking she was dangerous to us. She'd never hurt us, not intentionally.

I sat in the engine room, watchin' Serenity's heart beat. The steady pulse of the engine. I loved it. I felt more at home here than in my own quarters. It was safe, reliable.

Wuh de ma. With all the insanity with Early and River, I'd practically forgotten about Simon. Had he been about to kiss me? Nah. Probably wouldn't consider it the 'proper' thing to do. Wish he'd get over that already! I ain't proper and don't expect or want him to be. Maybe I should just give up on him. Might be a lost cause. 'Sides, I always got Serenity to keep me company. I smiled a sad smile.

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[07 Sep 2005|01:50pm]

It had been three days since I was shot in the leg, and I was still limping. Zoe did a good job under my direction, though. She has a calm head. I might enlist her as a nurse when I next have to perform an operation. At least I know she isn't likely to faint at the sight of blood, being so used to causing the spilling of it.

I lurched along one of Serenity's many corridors. I still felt a little shaken after my encounter with Early. Not so much because he shot me, although that had caused me a couple of nightmares in which he didn't hit my thigh, but turned the barrel towards my face. It was because... It pained me to think it, made me feel guilty and unbrotherly. But...

It scared me because he was a little like River. I didn't, of course, think River was a sociopathic monster like Early, but she seemed to think in a similar way to him, and the frightening proficiency Kaylee said River had showed with a gun made me think that maybe what those doctors had done to her was try to make her into an Early. Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe River would have been able to shoot those men before her brain had been butchered. She was a genius, after all. But I was still scared for her. Even though the Early episode had amply showed me that she was capable of looking after herself, I was still anxious on her behalf. I suppose that's the older brother thing. She might be smarter than me - and not many people can say that - and more talented, but she was still my little sister, and since our parents had showed they didn't give a - they didn't care about us, that meant the responsibility fell on me.

Sometimes, I admit, I feel a little resentment. Why did River have to become crazy? Why couldn't I still be living my life on Osiris, treating people in a beautiful, clean hospital, making good connections at parties? But when I look at River those feelings go away. It's not her fault she's broken. She's so pure and beautiful; nothing could be her fault. It's my parents I'm angry with, for not believing me when I said she was in danger, for preferring a rich, comfortable life to having a happy family. Perhaps if I went back to Osiris now I wouldn't be happy. I know what kind of lies that beautiful, elegant life is built on.

I went into the kitchen, feeling a little hungry. I am so sick of pre-packaged protein! When we next land on a planet, I have to have some fresh vegetables. I don't care how much they cost. I have a little money. It would do River good, too, to eat something that didn't come out of plastic. I took a chunk of something brown out of the refrigerator and sat down at the table to eat.

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[07 Sep 2005|11:11am]

We don't have a full cast yet, but I think we should start. I think we should start with some character establishing, place setting posts and some interaction between the crew, and then I'll throw in some plotty stuff to give us things to play off.

Now join serenityooc! I have also saved the pertinent parts of old posts from here and posted them over there.
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